A new website for PDM Trading

PDM Trading has developed a simple and interactive website in order to enhance communication and interactions with our partners, creating a true working area for all.

We have a dual objective – provide has much information as possible to set up a campaign and efficiently answer to all of the questions you may have.

Beyond the presentation of our activities, this new website comes as an efficient tool to upload and download files, as well as a fast way to deal with any business-related detail.

Thanks to your login information you will be able to:

For the websites:

  • Check out the new offers we are suggesting for upcoming campaigns
  • Check and do a follow up on your schedule
  • Download HD pictures for each campaign
  • Ask for an updated stock
  • Track your deliveries

For the brands:

  • Upload your offer – a file including the references, the stock etc.
  • Follow and review the schedule for all of your campaigns
  • Look up any expected delivery